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What makes a man paddle 20,000 kilometres to another world in a canoe?  

Wilderness & Canoe symposium online event

Hello friends, I’ve been given the opportunity to speak about my film Paddle To The Amazon at the Wilderness & Canoe Symposium February 15th in an online event. Dana Starkell who was on the original trip will also be sharing stories from his 2 year journey to the Amazon.
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Paddle To The Amazon 

The true story of a father and son’s incredible 12,181-mile canoe trip from Winnipeg to the mouth of the Amazon River.

It was an ordinary 21-foot canoe. They were an ordinary family – a divorced father and his two teenage sons. But what they did was extra ordinary. From Winnipeg, they paddled heading south. Twenty-three months later, two of them swept down the Amazon to Belem, Brazil, on the Atlantic – the longest canoe trip ever recorded.

The trip begins down the Red River and into the Mississippi system, through Minnesota and Illinois, to the heart of Dixie and New Orleans. It then continues westward along the Texas coast, across the mouth of the Rio Grande and into th eopen seas of the Gulf of Mexico. The seas almost kill them, broadsiding the canoe again and again, leaving the Starkells struggling into the surf. 

Dana Starkell - Rio Negro, Venezuela

All aboard for the Amazon Hotel!

To all the amazing people we met during our journey – Thank You!

Don, Dana, and Jeff Starkell.

Winnipeg, Canada to Belem, Brazil.


Paddle To The Amazon

Arriving 2023.
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Arrival – Belem, Brazil – May 1, 1982