One Life To Live

The Autobiograpy of Don Starkell

Available 2021

“Keep imagining and believing!”

On March 24, 2010, a fire swept through my dad’s home in Winnipeg. The blaze left him on life support with third-degree burns to his arms and legs. When my brother and I arrived at the hospital the next day, we learned his condition was largely due to an attempt to extinguish the flames that engulfed his living room. He didn’t want to lose the memories of his life. 

I began piecing together my dad’s autobiography after he lost his battle with cancer in 2012. The story is now complete and my next step is a final edit of the text. Please stay tuned for updates on my progress when I resume editing later this year.  

Dana Starkell

Don Starkell

Virtual Museum

The Don Starkell Virtual Museum
Arriving 2022.


One Life To Live

The Autobiography of Don Starkell.